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Fixed, Walk On & Modular Rooflights

for Flat Roofs

High Performance roof glazing for flat and low pitched roofs. Featuring market leading thermal efficiency and Exceptional safety levels.
EOS75 thermal performance - 10 year - saftey standard

Exceptional Thermal Performance

The EOS75 offers the option of a 75mm upstand, either flat (for flat roofs) or with a 5-degree pitch, and is available in heights of 150mm or 300mm for improved thermal efficiency.

EOS75 thermal performance for lid only 150mm upstand and 300mm upstand
EOS75 fixed skylight corner section lid and upstand
EOS97 icon weather for thermal efficient

Maximizing Efficiency with EOS75 Upstands

With the EOS75 system, the upstand is optional. However, if you choose to build your own on-site, it must achieve a maximum U-value of 0.35W/m²K. We offer a fully insulated upstand with pre-installed gaskets to guarantee airtightness. Combined with a thermally broken frame and top-spec glass, the EOS75 system achieves impressive U-values.

Flat Roof Fixed Rooflight

A minimalist, fixed rooflight with ‘frameless’ internal views designed to allow as much natural daylight into a room as possible.

  • Double glazed ‘System’ U-value from 0.97 W/m2K
  • Triple Glazed U-value as low as 0.79 W/m2K
  • Thermally broken aluminum frame
  • Heat Soak Tested toughened outer pane as standard
  • Laminate inner pane throughout the range
EOS75 fixed skylight in black kitchen and window
made to measure rooflights


Our rooflight system spans up to an impressive 6 meters in length and 2 meters in width, effortlessly bridging large openings to flood your space with natural light and stunning panoramic views. Whether you’re enhancing a residential property, transforming a commercial space, or completing an architectural masterpiece, our solution delivers unparalleled versatility and sophistication.

Choose the perfect upstand for your needs: a standard 150mm upstand or a 300mm upstand designed specifically for warm roofs, ensuring optimal thermal efficiency and robust weather protection. For added customization, our rooflights can be tailored with either a flat roof flat upstand or a subtle 5-degree pitch to facilitate effective water runoff.

Elevate your design with our state-of-the-art rooflight system, combining beauty and practicality to create spaces that inspire.

Walk On Rooflight

Unlock the full potential of your space, indoors or outdoors, with our internal or external walk-on rooflights. Whether you’re looking to expand your interior space or create an inviting outdoor area, our walk-on rooflights offer versatility and functionality.

EOS75 internal and external walk on rooflights

Immerse yourself in the seamless flow of natural light and effortlessly transition between levels with our cutting-edge walk-on rooflights. Elevate your space with an atmosphere that’s both dynamic and inviting, as daylight floods in, blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors.

Our innovative designs open up a world of endless possibilities, perfect for domestic projects seeking a touch of sophistication or commercial ventures demanding functionality and style. Compatible with our modular system, these rooflights can be tailored for larger spans, ensuring adaptability to diverse architectural needs. With an optional added wall abutment details, our walk-on rooflights offer more versatility, blending form and function seamlessly for a truly exceptional experience.

Why Choose EOS75 Walk On Rooflights for Your Flat Roof or Floor

When it comes to flat roof walk-on rooflights, the EOS75 sets a new standard. With its innovative design, superior thermal performance, and enhanced safety features, it truly stands out. Additionally, it offers various upstand options to meet your needs.

EOS75 insulated upstand upstand is 75mm wide
EOS75 withstand up to 2500N/m² uniform load and 2000N concentrated load
EOS75 walk on with air tight gasket
EOS75 walk on rooflight with optional upstand

Discover the exceptional features and design of our flat roof EOS75 walk-on rooflights by downloading our brochure. Click the link below to see how the EOS75 can transform your home.

Modular Rooflight

Looking for a large fixed rooflights?

The modular flat roof rooflight combines sleek design and versatility, allowing an unlimited run of units to cover large spans effortlessly.

Commonly used for side extensions, our rooflights offer wall abutment options that enable tight installation against walls, maximizing natural light.

Easy installation and
guaranteed compliance

At EOS, we prioritize convenience and ease of installation. Our modular rooflights are delivered as individual units, simplifying transportation and handling. With a straightforward bolt-together process, assembling the units is quick and hassle-free, ensuring a seamless installation experience for our customers.

Attention to detail, without compromising on design

Connecting extensive glazed areas can be accomplished through several techniques. For smaller spans, using a silicone seal to join the panels is an effective solution, offering a minimalist ‘frameless’ look. However, for larger spans, more robust supports are necessary to ensure the joints between the glazed panels remain secure and stable.

EOS75 modular bar detail - minimal bar for fixed only rooflights

The adaptable EOS75 system can be customized with aluminum structural fins installed back-to-back. These aluminum angles are ideal for modern and contemporary interior designs, especially when integrated with bi-fold or sliding door systems. The internal angles can be powder-coated in any RAL color to match your design preferences. The size of the aluminum fins is determined by the width of the span, and for exceptionally wide spans, reinforced box sections can be utilized to provide the necessary strength and support.

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We have had several eos rooflights (possible 10-12) over the last 5-6 years. Every one has been as it should be. Received in perfect condition, delivered on time. And the roof-lights are well made and look perfect once fitted. Company is also very helpful if help is required. I’ve seen cheaper alternatives supplied and fitted by others but they are inferior quality. These are

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Alison Smith

Very happy with your service

Posted 1 day ago


Very efficient sales team

Posted 1 day ago


Needed a large bespoke roof light upstand made and they managed to turn it around in a day! Great company, would definitely use them again. Thanks

Posted 2 days ago

David Kingston

Great company to deal with, made the process very simple, delivered on time and fitted perfectly

Posted 2 days ago


Easy to deal with, the pricing was great and delivery of 5 skylights was quick and stress free. One small problem was quickly resolved, great company.

Posted 5 months ago

Justin David Davis

Great product despatched and delivered very quickly

Posted 5 months ago


Great rooflights

Posted 5 months ago


Recently purchased an electric roof light from EOS. Very happy with the finished product, study and functions very well. It also looks very stylish. I received excellent customer service from EOS at all stages, they couldn't have been more helpful. Highly recommended.

Posted 7 months ago


Great Rooflights , simple to fit and swift delivery, many Thanks

Posted 8 months ago

Liam Grenander

Very professional customer support / sales team. Dealt with our roof light enquiry quickly and kept me updated on transit and delivery. Will be purchasing roof lights from them again when our projects require them.

Posted 8 months ago

Brad Lander - Bailand Construction Ltd

EOS Rooflights were knowledgable in their field, very helpful and the products (Roof Lantern and Flat glass roof lights) were of a good quality. The Roof lights were easily installed and full installation instructions were supplied for those who are installing for the first time. Would recommend.

Posted 8 months ago

A Memet

Very efficient with processing my order and delivery. I ordered a 3M roof lantern and a smaller flat roof light. Both were simple to install on my own upstands and they both look great. My only negative was the cost was a lot for what they are but I don’t think eos are excessively expensive, I think the roof lanterns themselves are what’s pricey. Anyhow I’m happy 😃

Posted 11 months ago


EOS were brilliant all through the consultation/sales process and delivery. The skylight looks great and works a treat with the electronic switch. Their after-care support was also very helpful and patient when we mistakenly thought we had an issue. Would highly recommend them.

Posted 1 year ago

Jonathan Tregidga Buyer at Legacy

As a company we have used EOS for some time. We use the EOS Rooflight Flexi Lid product a lot and also the EOS Smoke Vent Rooflight AOV on our projects. We cannot fault the company for the service, communication and value for money.

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Excellent products, great customer service and post sales support! Unfortunately the courier damaged our roof lights slightly, however EOS went above and beyond to rectify! Special mention to Natalie O’Hara in ops, she was so helpful, prompt and a real pleasure to deal with! Highly recommend EOS!

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Great delivery, great product. Really helpful customer service to organise the delivery of the rooflight

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My Eos rooflight turned up on time as always, simple to install and looks great, throws so much light into what was a dark space, the quality of the rooflight is amazing, I will continue buying from Eos in the future,

Posted 1 year ago

Clive Woodford

The rooflights are a key feature externally of the property as they are prominent on the flat roof. They are angled by 15 degrees to allow the south facing sun to enter the house maximising natural light and also utilising any solar gain. The majority are triple glazed, with a couple of larger opening lights being double glazed. Internally they provide so much light and the light shafts are a characteristic of the internal architecture given that there are 15 within the house. The ordering and supply process was straightforward and installing them worked well with the pre-made upstands. All in all a very satisfactory and successful decision to select Eos rooflights.

Posted 1 year ago

Mr Jones

I was after rooflights with laminated glass and of good quality! I contacted EOS after seeing and viewing their products. They fitted the requirements. The service was first rate, nothing was a problem and the drawings to work before delivery excellent. Would highly recommend.

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Matt Wilson

Great quality rooflight, delivery was as planned and on time. We will be using this company again.

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