Glass Rooflights for Flat Roofs

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High Performance Through Contemporary Design

Market Leading Rooflights for
Flat Roofs

Our roof lights are designed to the highest specifications,
exceeding that of our competitors. We are one of the
only companies offering laminated glass within our units as standard,
providing you with a safer, more secure product that boasts incredible
energy efficiency.

At EOS, we are setting a new standard in roof glazing, offering five different types of premium rooflights at highly competitive prices.

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We offer an extensive range of rooflights for flat roofs including Fixed, Opening, Modular, Eco and Walk-On options. Take a look at our short video for some inspiration.

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More Light, Less Expense

Light is one of nature’s most abundant free resources, and it is an integral part of interior design. We understand just how important light is to the feel of your home, which is why our roof light range is designed to let in as much as possible.

Unlike our competitors, we measure our units internally, along the area of visible glass, ensuring you receive more light for your money.

With a competitor’s 1000mm x 1000mm roof light you’d actually only see 900mm x 900mm of glass, whereas here at EOS, if we quote 1000mm x 1000mm, then that’s exactly the amount of glass you’ll see.

Secure & Energy Efficient

When it comes to your home, security is of vital importance and that is why this is a considerable factor in everything we do. The combination of laminate and toughened glass within our roof lights supplies that extra protection without sacrificing design quality.

For more information on selecting the right glass for your rooflight, please read our latest blog on glass specifications.

cross section of triple glazed Eco section
Exclusive UK stockists of the SkyVision series

Exclusive UK Stockist of the Skyvision Series

EOS is dedicated to supplying our customers with the highest quality rooflights for flat roofs. We’re the exclusive UK stockist of the SkyVision series from renowned Danish glazing specialist, Vitral; the stylised design of which ensures a seamless link between your interior and the great outdoors.

Our Fixed, Opening, Eco and WalkOn options all feature market-leading glazed units that put safety and thermal efficiency at the forefront, providing optimal performance at affordable prices.

In addition to our bespoke sized units built specifically for your roof, we’re able to deliver nationwide stock sizes within 3-5 days.

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Now Introducing

Our new Modular rooflight allows you to add a continuous run of rooflights with both fixed and/or opening elements sitting side by side.

So contact us today to see why EOS are the roof light supplier for you or for more information see our ultimate buyers guide.

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Call Us Today
0208 462 3557

Please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Fixed Rooflight Fixed Rooflight combining sleek design with enhanced performance and designed for flat roofs

Combining sleek design with enhanced performance and designed for flat roofs.

Prices from £549.00
Opening Rooflight Opening Rooflights with cutting edge design and an integrated motor

Cutting edge design with an integrated motor for a seamless finish internally.

Prices from £1499.00
 Eco Rooflights Triple glazed Krypton Eco Rooflights  boasts a U value of 0.87 w/m2k

Our Eco triple glazed Krypton filled Roof Light boasts a U value of 0.87 w/m2k.

Prices from £1199.00
Walkon Rooflights Walkon Rooflights with load-bearing glass for use either internally or externally

Manufactured with load-bearing glass for use either internally or externally.

Prices from £1699.00
Modular Rooflights Modular Rooflight

An endless run of rooflights with the ability to have fixed or opening side by side.

Prices from £1849.00