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Warm Roof vs. Cold Roof: Understanding the Key Differences

When it comes to roofing, the terms “warm roof” and “cold roof” often arise. Understanding the differences between these two types is essential for homeowners, architects, and builders seeking to create comfortable and energy-efficient living spaces. In this blog, we’ll delve into the world of warm roofs, highlighting their importance in maintaining indoor comfort and reducing heat loss. Additionally, we’ll explore how rooflights can enhance warm roof systems and discuss the significance of upstands in accommodating insulation build-up.

Illustration representing energy efficiency, showcasing a warm roof and rooflight as key elements in a sustainable home.

The Benefits of Warm Roofs

Warm roofs have gained popularity for their ability to provide superior thermal insulation. By installing the insulation layer above the structural deck, warm roofs ensure that the entire roof space remains warm. This technique minimizes heat loss and creates a more comfortable living environment. Improved thermal efficiency reduces heating costs and enhances energy conservation.

Understand more about warm roof with the video below:

150mm Upstand on Cold Roof

Illustration of a warm roof installation process, showcasing insulation and upstand integration.

Integrating Rooflights for Added Comfort

Rooflights play a crucial role in warm roof systems, introducing natural light into living spaces and enhancing the overall ambiance. They provide a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor environments, offering breathtaking views and an increased sense of spaciousness. Furthermore, rooflights can be designed with ventilation options, allowing for improved airflow and controlling moisture levels.

Understanding Upstands and Insulation Build-Up

Upstands serve as an integral component of rooflight installations, ensuring proper integration, weatherproofing and thermal efficiency. In warm roof systems, where thicker insulation is required, upstands play a vital role in accommodating the insulation build-up. Larger upstands are necessary to create a seamless transition between the rooflight and the roof structure, preventing heat loss and potential condensation issues.


Warm roofs and rooflights go hand in hand, offering numerous benefits for homeowners and builders alike. By embracing warm roof systems, you can create energy-efficient living spaces that prioritize comfort and sustainability. Incorporating rooflights not only enhances natural light and ventilation but also contributes to the overall thermal performance of the roofing system. With proper understanding of upstands and insulation build-up, you can make informed decisions to create a well-insulated, comfortable, and visually appealing home.

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Insulated upstand - timber with pitch for warm or cold roofs
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We have had several eos rooflights (possible 10-12) over the last 5-6 years. Every one has been as it should be. Received in perfect condition, delivered on time. And the roof-lights are well made and look perfect once fitted. Company is also very helpful if help is required. I’ve seen cheaper alternatives supplied and fitted by others but they are inferior quality. These are

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Needed a large bespoke roof light upstand made and they managed to turn it around in a day! Great company, would definitely use them again. Thanks

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Easy to deal with, the pricing was great and delivery of 5 skylights was quick and stress free. One small problem was quickly resolved, great company.

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Recently purchased an electric roof light from EOS. Very happy with the finished product, study and functions very well. It also looks very stylish. I received excellent customer service from EOS at all stages, they couldn't have been more helpful. Highly recommended.

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Great Rooflights , simple to fit and swift delivery, many Thanks

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Very professional customer support / sales team. Dealt with our roof light enquiry quickly and kept me updated on transit and delivery. Will be purchasing roof lights from them again when our projects require them.

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EOS Rooflights were knowledgable in their field, very helpful and the products (Roof Lantern and Flat glass roof lights) were of a good quality. The Roof lights were easily installed and full installation instructions were supplied for those who are installing for the first time. Would recommend.

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Very efficient with processing my order and delivery. I ordered a 3M roof lantern and a smaller flat roof light. Both were simple to install on my own upstands and they both look great. My only negative was the cost was a lot for what they are but I don’t think eos are excessively expensive, I think the roof lanterns themselves are what’s pricey. Anyhow I’m happy 😃

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EOS were brilliant all through the consultation/sales process and delivery. The skylight looks great and works a treat with the electronic switch. Their after-care support was also very helpful and patient when we mistakenly thought we had an issue. Would highly recommend them.

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As a company we have used EOS for some time. We use the EOS Rooflight Flexi Lid product a lot and also the EOS Smoke Vent Rooflight AOV on our projects. We cannot fault the company for the service, communication and value for money.

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Excellent products, great customer service and post sales support! Unfortunately the courier damaged our roof lights slightly, however EOS went above and beyond to rectify! Special mention to Natalie O’Hara in ops, she was so helpful, prompt and a real pleasure to deal with! Highly recommend EOS!

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Great delivery, great product. Really helpful customer service to organise the delivery of the rooflight

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My Eos rooflight turned up on time as always, simple to install and looks great, throws so much light into what was a dark space, the quality of the rooflight is amazing, I will continue buying from Eos in the future,

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Clive Woodford

The rooflights are a key feature externally of the property as they are prominent on the flat roof. They are angled by 15 degrees to allow the south facing sun to enter the house maximising natural light and also utilising any solar gain. The majority are triple glazed, with a couple of larger opening lights being double glazed. Internally they provide so much light and the light shafts are a characteristic of the internal architecture given that there are 15 within the house. The ordering and supply process was straightforward and installing them worked well with the pre-made upstands. All in all a very satisfactory and successful decision to select Eos rooflights.

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