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EOS Rooflights in well lit bedroomRoof lights not only have the benefit of adding extra natural light and air flow to your home, they can also be used to add an element of style and intrigue to your interior and exterior design.

Every element of your home should reflect your personality, and there are plenty of opportunities to be creative with its appearance.

From non-traditional design, to dynamic colours and equally varied uses, we’ve picked out some of our favourite ways that roof lights have been utilised for all sorts of spaces.


Circular Roof LightRoof lights traditionally come in square and rectangular shapes. Circular rooflights units are available, but in order to save a lot of money purchasing a bespoke model in your chosen shape and size, you can have a traditional square installed, and get a contractor to build a frame internally.

This will give the appearance of a circle, triangle or any other shaped hole which can create a focal point to any space, and an interesting talking point for your guests too.


Splitting Roof Lights / Patterns

Multiple Roof LightsIn order to let plenty of light into a room and create a modern looking clean space. Large glass units always look impressive but the price of large roof lights will escalate massively over around 3.5 squared meters. An alternative is to consider having multiple roof lights installed in close proximity to achieve a similar effect. This will be more cost effective way of letting in the same amount of light.

Shadow can be just as interesting as light so with a little bit of creativity when placing your rooflights can allow slats. This can create brilliant silhouettes when the sun is out, as well as provide a wonderful star gazing opportunity. An exciting new alternative is our modular roof light that allows minimal glazing bar.

Glass WalkwayWalkways

This idea is for the brave. If you fear heights then no matter how robust the glass is, this will probably still make you feel a bit queasy.

However, if you like the idea of having a transparent walkway landing, it is a great way of allowing more light through your home across levels and creating an incredibly modern look, the walkway is variation of the walkon roof lights. On top of these benefits, the floor will be incredibly easy to clean and maintain.


slidingIf you have a roof terrace, roof lights can be adapted to glide across like sliding doors so that you can access rooflight the terrace easily. Because the units are secure and the glass is incredibly strong, you don’t need to worry about the safety aspect of having an additional point of entry to your home.

These are just a few of the ways your roof lights can be used to add interesting and stylish elements to your home. If you’d like to find out which units are best for your ideas, then get in touch with us with your brief and we’ll let you know or take a look at our Fixed, Opening, Eco, or WalkOn Rooflights pages for more information and to see our stock sizes.

Have you seen any other roof light designs that you enjoy and you are inspired by? Let us know in the comments below.

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All contact with EOS was dealt with efficiently and by friendly staff. The quality of the rooflight is excellent. In a different league to the alternatives I have seen. A couple of points to improve on below, however these do not detract from how the quality of the roof light lifts the whole build..... - Rooflight did not arrive on the advised date, arriving the following morning instead. This required a number of builders to return the following day to lift off the van. - Do not underestimate the weight. Very challenging for my builder just to get off the box van. - The ordering instructions make it clear to provide the size of the hole. That will then equate to clear glass when fitted. However on arrival length and width of clear glass were both 3cm shorter than ordered. This was explained by phone as relating to the rebate for plaster board, however this should be made clearer ahead of ordering as we could have ordered 3cm larger to get the clear glass size originally envisaged.

Posted 1 month ago


Excellent product and faultless service. Fixed rooflight was delivered on time, communication was good throughout the period and staff were always helpful and courteous. Rooflight looks stunning!

Posted 2 months ago

Kevin Dean

Very good product and service from the team. Would recommend

Posted 2 months ago

Sam Phillips

We require 3 windows for 2 projects and they where very well priced and also had them in stock. will be using again.

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James Payne Cook

For all the reasons I have rated them highly

Posted 2 months ago

Sunny Tiwana

Awsome company to deal with, item was out of stock online and thier guys found me what i needed and sorted delivery quickly and efficiently. Will defiantly recommend to others.

Posted 2 months ago

Stuart Herring

Good service and good communications on queries and time scales

Posted 2 months ago

Fiona Whyte

Their customer service was good. I was able to speak with someone quickly and easily by telephone or email to clarify points before I ordered my items. The ordering process was very easy and the items were delivered on time. Upon delivery there was a scratch on one of my rooflights. I contacted EOS immediately and they were happy to send a repair kit to me, free of charge, which arrived in the post within a few days of me speaking with them. I'm very pleased with the service I've received and the product looks great in my new extension!

Posted 2 months ago

Dawn Thomas

Beautiful roof lights - exceeded our expectations

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Piero Realmuto

Good product and service. Have never let me down

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Steve Orr

The roof lights arrived on time, were well protected in transit and all queries were answered to our satisfaction.

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Leanne Wallser

Fantastic service, super helpful getting it all to Jersey and product is perfect for us. Thanks

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Dr J Trinder

Swift. Delivery. Arrived as described. Straight forward payment arrangement. Great advice and support when planning project. Motorised rooflight works remarkably quietly. A little costly however compared to some competition.

Posted 4 months ago

Richard Simmons

They have provided us with a quality product

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Product and delivery as expected.

Posted 4 months ago

Alan Oliver

Good product, delivered on time, and looks great in our new flat roof extension.

Posted 4 months ago

Mike Guirguis

I actually bought my roof lights on the back of EOS’s reviews section, and now my extension is nearing completion, (finally) I wanted to pass on my experience. I couldn’t be happier with my decision, its clearly a very high quality product and they look amazing in our new kitchen. They are heavy so make sure you have lots of strong guys on site. The staff are all very helpful and seem very knowledgable. Highly recommended them.

Posted 4 months ago

Nicole Gray

Excellent customer service. Really took the time to listen to our needs and help us find exactly what we wanted, within the time schedule from our builders. They were also flexible as the schedule shifted and always available for any questions. And beyond that, our roof lights look so amazing! So, I'm a very happy customer.

Posted 4 months ago

Ben Jennings

EOS were very helpful during the sales process, liaising directly with my builder to confirm requirements (when I was way out of my depth). My builder’s feedback post installation is that the windows are heavy duty and top quality, even when compared with more expensive options he’s fitted in the past. He’ll be recommending EOS for future builds.

Posted 5 months ago

Bill Greenaway

Product was just as promised and delivery and information excellent. We are very pleased with it.

Posted 5 months ago

Jason Berry

Really helpful when I called to order my roof lights explaining delivery info, weights, fitting instructions etc.., Really accommodating in facilitating a specific delivery time and date (at relatively short notice); finally the finished product, robust, elegant and fantastic. First class.

Posted 5 months ago