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Increasingly, new build projects as well as existing buildings are maximising the use of natural light together with the thermal properties of modern glass, to create a revolution in how we look at heat retention and accessing light sources.

A major factor behind recent innovations is the ever-increasing energy costs for both domestic and commercial properties. The earth receives 94 billion megawatts of power absolutely free of charge from the Sun every single day of the year. To not use this and instead replace it with home-grown electricity is largely unnecessary.

The potential ecological waste is only part of the issue. The natural light from the sun is in fact much brighter and cleaner than most sources that we can manufacture. Evidence from the medical and psychological sciences have shown that it can support a positive sense of well-being for people in both home and work settings.

In a working environment, natural light can lead to dramatically increased productivity, and in hospitals there is evidence of faster patient recovery. In educational surroundings, better lighting has been proven to improve student concentration. It also has positive benefits on your health such as providing vitamin D as well as boosting your immunity and mood. There should be no surprise that we all operate with greater potential when we have light on our side.

When you consider the costs involved in paying for artificial light and heat, especially at a time when energy prices are soaring so significantly, rethinking our approach to and reliance on these basic needs makes a lot of sense.

The natural light that we get from the sun is actually made up of two components, direct and diffused; what we normally refer to as daylight. Completely relying on direct sunlight can definitely have its problems, with glare and excessive heat driving people to pull the curtains curtains and blinds, once again resorting to artificial solutions. That’s why we need to focus our efforts on capturing daylight where we can, and using manufactured resources only when compulsory. This will make a significant difference to our energy bills.

With vertical windows only, daylight can rarely reach across the whole room. This is where rooflights can come in to help let more into a space. Options for installing these have increased substantially with improvements in the choices of glazing you have, as well as add-ons such as insect and weather guards. Glass manufacture in particular has improved over the years, with laminated glass now offering strength and security.

Where there is a need for allowing for a decent airflow, the opening option model of rooflight is going to be a better choice. These units incorporate an electronically controlled motor, allowing it to be positioned in previously inaccessible high ceilings and landings without sacrificing the ability of opening and closing it with ease. Having an opening model can also let out excess heat as well as steam or condensation from kitchens and bathrooms.

For true energy efficiency, there are triple glazed Eco-friendly versions which help keep the heat in and let in the necessary additional light in the darker months through Autumn and Winter.

You will also need to carefully consider the location to make the most of the energy saving properties. It is best to position them in rooms that you will be using on a regular basis to maximise the benefits. If you install your rooflight in a north facing roof, you can reduce any excess heat, whereas east facing creates heat in the morning and cooler temperatures in the afternoon and evening. In colder climates, south-facing can provide winter heat, so you will not need to have your central heating quite so high.

Initially, rooflights might seem like an additional expense to you, but it will not take long for you to reap the benefits and savings on energy bills. If you would like some assistance in choosing the right ones for you, why not get in touch with us today or take a look at our Fixed, Opening, Eco, or WalkOn Rooflights pages for more information and to see our stock sizes.

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Combining sleek design with enhanced performance.

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Cutting edge design with an integrated motor for a seamless finish.

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Top of the range ultra thermally efficient rooflight. 0.65 U Value 

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External Walk-On Glass Rooflights. Why compromise on design?

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An endless run of rooflights, either fixed or with opening units.

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Luke Carroll

Ease of installation and provided a huge amount of light to our extension. We chose the electric opening option which is fantastic for ventilation.

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Rebecca Phillips

Very good service but most importantly excellent quality roof lights, very pleased thank you

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They delivered what I wanted!

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Good service and communication, competitive prices. Very helpful and understanding.

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Colin Nelson

Great product, helpful customer service staff who answered any question I had.

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Quality product , priced well and delivered on time.

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Perfect rooflight. Responsive, quick and good quality. Happy.

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Sam Wells

quick and reliable service

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Helen Fife

Excellent customer service when I called to discuss with Chris Higgins about delivery. And the rooflights look really good now they are installed. I will definitely be specifying the products again. Helen Fife Architect

Posted 3 weeks ago


The rooflight itself is a great addition to our house; we are very pleased with it. It was simple to contact EOS on the 'phone and they were quick to answer any queries we had. (One query was just as we were installing the rooflight so we needed a quick response!)

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Susan Duncan

Brilliant efficient service. Explained everything on full. Would highly recommend them. Delighted with our rooflights

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Delighted with our EOS Rooflight, great service, great quality, really finishes our new kitchen off!

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Very swift delivery , very good product and reasonably priced compared to competitors I got quotes from.

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Graham Elson

I have used EOS roof-lights over the past few months. Their prices compare very favorably with their competitors. The rooflights are of very good quality. They are able to supply their products very quickly. Will use again.

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Qasim Masod

Excellent customer service and delivered more than they have promised!

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Rob Horan

Superb quality product and well under building regs u value requirements. It is the highlight of my extensive house renovations. Great after sales service.

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Harry Parker

Prompt service and helpful advice

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Stephen Graham

The roof was very high quality and a pleasure to fit.Will defiantly buy more in the future.

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Beautiful window, very happy with it.

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Very well made and easy to fit lantern, will definitely be using this company again.

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R Holloway

Great Product , Great Service. Any issues or problems we had were sorted out immediately so i cannot fault EOS.

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