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The Importance Of A Three Degree Pitch

With any roofing structure, one of the main objectives will always be for it to be designed and built to prevent water and dirt from pooling on the glass. This rule applies to any rooflights you may want to install as well.

Selecting the correct angle for your installation will make all the difference in the long run, especially when it comes to extending the working life of the structure.

Let Gravity Work For You

Everything boils down to simple physics, as it is only natural that water and dirt need to be able to easily roll off of the fitting to prevent further damage. In the event that you devote considerable time and resources to installing a skylight, while at the same time forgetting to place it at the correct angle, you could see your investment wasted.

When discussing the benefits of flat rooflight installations, it would be very easy to assume that this would need to be installed with a completely zero degree angle. However, in this instance, ‘flat’ should not be entirely ‘flat,’ as this would lead to excess dirt and water having nowhere to go and run off.

If you picture spilling a glass of water onto a regular table, you will notice that it just stays there until it is mopped up – this is far more complicated to perform on a flat rooflight! Instead, a minimum of a three degree pitch should be used (the maximum being 30o).

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Avoiding Excess Build Ups

There are two main reasons for not wanting excess water and dirt to remain on a skylight for any extended period of time.

First of all, water pooling and evaporating on the flat surface will leave watermarks on your glass, not a good look.

More importantly, the dirty and stagnant water could result in the growth of algae and other unwanted substances on the surface of your skylight – at the very least this will be an unsightly and therefore unwelcome addition to your property, severely restricting the light passed through to your interior. With an angle of three degrees, the water and dirt will simply wash away.

Protect Your Home

If you believe that mould and other growths are enough of a problem on the outside, you may also be interested to know that seeping moisture from a damaged roof could end up damaging the internal walls and ceilings below.

Interior mould and moisture is far more than just an aesthetic issue, and it can actually pose a serious health hazard. Over a long time, constantly breathing in these poisonous ingredients has the potential to lead to severe respiratory illnesses, and it is therefore sensible to protect any building with a three degree roof slope.

To achieve the desired angled you may be able to place the upstand directly onto the roof firrings. Firrings give a flat roof its fall, this will translate the roof pitch onto the roof light. Alternatively if your fixing onto level roof joist, firrings will need to be placed under the upstand or the pitch can be built into your upstand if yourself or your builder is building it.

If you are in any doubt about the most effect design for a rooflight, albeit flat or otherwise, it is reassuring to know that our team of experts at EOS Rooflights are available to answer any questions that you may have.

Our expertise are built upon our many years of experience in this field, and our team combined have been responsible for countless quality roofing installations. To get in touch by telephone, simply call 0208 462 3557, or we can also be contacted directly via email.

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We are very happy with both the product and the service we received from the company. The roof light is of excellent quality at a competitive price and the customer service was excellent. It is always good to be able to contact a company once you have ordered a product and this was certainly the case with EOS Rooflights Ltd. Unlike a number of other companies we have had to deal with during our building project.

Posted 1 week ago


Great product and excellent service from EOS

Posted 2 weeks ago


I sent in the order for the roof light and received delivery in 4 weeks, at the moment anything that includes glass is taking ages so I was surprised when it turned up on time.

Posted 2 weeks ago


We have used EOS Rooflights on a couple of projects now and will continue to do so. The quality of the frame which is welded, and the glass connection, is second to none, and this makes for a trouble-free installation. Hillbuilt Construction

Posted 2 weeks ago


I did a lot of shopping around when trying to find the right product for our extension roof and the EOS Flex electric stood out in terms of price and overall quality. The ordering and delivery process was fantastic (within a week it was with me) and it took less than an hour to install. Really happy with the quality and finish so wouldn't hesitate in recommending to anyone looking for similar

Posted 2 months ago


over the moon fits like a glove , excellent service, and delivery

Posted 2 months ago


Fast friendly services. Top quality product. I am 100% confident when I recommend EOS rooflights to my clients.

Posted 2 months ago


We are very pleased with our EOS Rooflights Our Builder was also very impressed with the quality and will use them in future

Posted 4 months ago


Im very happy indeed. Instructions were clear, it went on a treat and looks great.It was a pleasure dealing with you, I shall recommend you

Posted 4 months ago


Very helpful customer service

Posted 4 months ago


Most importantly of all, a great product - smart and clean design - looks superb. Service was excellent, very responsive - addressing questions quickly and adapting the design as needed. Fully recommend

Posted 5 months ago


We have had very good service from you delivery on time and fitting very easy.We are now enjoying the benefits of having the room flooded with light.Many thanks

Posted 5 months ago


EOS where very helpful throughout, the pricing was competitive with all the quotes we received and the walk-on rooflight was exceptionally well made. We prepared the opening using EOS details and plans and it came exactly as described and fitted perfectly (this seems obvious but surprisingly doesn't always happen). I would 100% use them again and would recommend EOS to others without hesitation. I am extremely pleased with the finished rooflight and it looks brilliant installed. My contractor said it was perfect and came exactly as described too, so good all round.No pictures at present but can provide later! It looks fab!

Posted 6 months ago


EOS supported with

Posted 7 months ago


perfect , elegant and simple which is what we wanted. looks good. Builders told me easy to fit and fiiting instructions were appreciated as they were very clear

Posted 7 months ago


Excellent service, I had a few questions regarding installation and these were answered very quickly, very happy to recommend EOS!

Posted 8 months ago


Very happy with the service on time no delays

Posted 8 months ago


Quick delivery and great product

Posted 8 months ago


Looks great. Very solid, good quality. Service was wonderful, delivered in a couple of days as promised

Posted 10 months ago


We purchased a flat roof light last year and we're so glad we did. It's made such a difference to the light we get into the room and looks amazing too. Top product and great results. Our builder was impressed with it too and how quickly his question was answered when he was installing it.

Posted 10 months ago


As part of my build project I researched many companies looking for good quality skylights and a company that could offer both opening and fixed skylights. EOS fitted all my requirements. Both Elliot and Chris were consummate professionals in dealing with my queries and ensuring I got my delivery on time. The skylights were solidly constructed and we love them. The only thing I will say is that if you order a bespoke size, make sure you can wait 6 weeks from order to delivery.

Posted 11 months ago