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Want to install rooflights in your home but not sure which design is right for you? Our helpful guide explains the features and benefits of the most popular styles.

Whether you’re looking to bring more light into your kitchen, dining room or living room, there are plenty of styles to choose from.

Which rooflight is right for me?

At EOS Rooflights, we understand that everyone has different design preferences. That’s why we’re the UK’s top supplier of stock sizes. We’ve included the most popular ones below.


Fixed rooflights combine sleek design and enhanced performance to provide a stylish and dependable solution to meet all your home improvement needs.

The functional low-profile external frame boasts a secure and thermally efficient double-glazed unit, making draughts and high-energy bills a thing of the past. Our double-glazed units boast U values of 0.97 W/m2K, meaning that you don’t need to worry about heat loss.

Safety is of paramount importance to EOS Rooflights, so we ensure that the inner layer of our rooflights are laminated as standard for our 32mm double-glazed units.


If you’re looking to maximise the light in your home and increase air flow then Opening rooflights are the perfect solution for you.

With the press of a button, our electric rooflights can be opened and closed. You may also want to go for optional extras like temperature and rain sensors to remain one step ahead of the British weather.

Our laminated glass panes are double-glazed as standard and designed to stay together if broken rather than shattering into pieces like many others.


For the environmentally conscious there’s the Eco range. Our market-leading triple-glazed, krypton-filled rooflights are designed to maximise energy efficiency.

Created with the high-end market in mind, the Eco rooflight has a clear focus on providing superior performance. A silk band in the internal pane of the glass provides protection from harmful UV rays.

Triple-glazed and injected with krypton gas to increase energy efficiency, you will struggle to find a more eco-friendly rooflight. The Eco rooflight has a certified U value of 0.65W/m2K and a centre pane value of 0.6W/m2K, meaning that they can help reduce your energy bills.

Walk On

Walk On rooflights are a great choice is you’re looking to increase the amount of natural light in your home whilst proving a secure overhead walkway.

Our load-bearing glass has been manufactured for internal and external use. This means that you can inject overhead light in the spaces that need it most whilst providing another function to your home.

EOS Rooflights’ market-leading glass panes are 50mm double-glazed units complete with a 25mm toughened and heat-strengthened laminate outer pane, a 16mm cavity and a 80.8mm laminate inner pane. All of this means that your rooflights are secure enough to walk on.

A RAL 7043 coating allows water to drain away easily. With no visible framework internally, Walk On rooflights add a sense of style to your home.

Get In Touch

At EOS Rooflights, we can create a bespoke package designed to meet your needs. To find out more about our expansive range of rooflights, get in touch today.

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Combining sleek design with enhanced performance.

Prices from £649.00
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Cutting edge design with an integrated motor for a seamless finish.

Prices from £1649.00
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Top of the range ultra thermally efficient rooflight. 0.65 U Value 

Prices from £1099.00
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External Walk-On Glass Rooflights. Why compromise on design?

Prices from £1699.00
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An endless run of rooflights, either fixed or with opening units.

Prices from £1849.00

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Friendly, helpful and informative customer service. Good product and quick delivery.

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Beautifully designed, high spec, and look fantastic. Simple website and helpful service from guys at EOS. Prompt delivery. This is a quality product.

Posted 3 weeks ago


Morning big thanks to Chris and his team, very helpful their product is by far the best complete roof light system out there. I highly recommend this company will be using them again, ps also very easy to install Kind regards Lee

Posted 3 weeks ago


They were extremely efficient and most of all knowledgable about their products - they offered detailed information and were extremely patient with all my questions. They managed to ship the product very quickly and it arrived to us the same week. Very happy with EOS. The product itself is great!

Posted 3 weeks ago

Clifford Nicholson

Very efficient and easy to deal with.

Posted 3 weeks ago

Tim Lancaster

The roof light that I ordered arrived on time and appears to be very well made. The instructions were clear and my builder had no problems installing it, other than in getting it onto the roof as it is very heavy. The roof light looks good and I am glad that I was able to buy one with such a good U value as I wanted the light without the loss of heat.

Posted 4 weeks ago

Mark Harris

Great service, nothing is a hassle and super helpful

Posted 1 month ago

Carl Smith

Prompt delivery, excellent quality and easy to install, a great product.

Posted 1 month ago


EoS and their staff were very helpful in design and specification for a large skylight. They gave top quality support in the runnup to installation and were very accommodating in helping to source correct vehicle to crane in said (very heavy) skylight.

Posted 1 month ago


I'm delighted with my EOS roof lights. I had to choose roof lights that were slightly smaller than I wanted, due to design constraints, but the amount of light provided is wonderful and unexpected. The whole kitchen is lit up, even when the curtains are closed across our french doors. Many thanks EOS, A happy customers.

Posted 1 month ago

Timothy Rickford

Very happy with the service from EOS staff and quality of the product. Would definitely use again.

Posted 1 month ago


Great after sales support and service from knowledgeable staff. Also a really good quality product.

Posted 1 month ago


Excellent service! The windows are gorgeous and their staff are always so available and happy to answer questions on short notice, and I had a lot!

Posted 1 month ago

Sarah Willett

Really helpful on specifying size and advice on installing.

Posted 1 month ago


Really nice company - fast, efficient and pleasant in all my dealings with them. There was a delivery error and they worked hard to find a solution as quickly as possible and did everything they said they would. Really impressed all round - when you are having an extension on your house, you end up dealing with lots of suppliers. I wish they were all as good as EOS.

Posted 1 month ago

Rebecca Phillips

Eos gave us a really good service, good communication throughout, most importantly the roof lights are amazing - really good quality and look great

Posted 1 month ago

Luke Carroll

Ease of installation and provided a huge amount of light to our extension. We chose the electric opening option which is fantastic for ventilation.

Posted 2 months ago

Rebecca Phillips

Very good service but most importantly excellent quality roof lights, very pleased thank you

Posted 2 months ago


They delivered what I wanted!

Posted 2 months ago


Good service and communication, competitive prices. Very helpful and understanding.

Posted 2 months ago

Colin Nelson

Great product, helpful customer service staff who answered any question I had.

Posted 2 months ago