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Rooflights offer a great deal of scope for adding a stylish and contemporary feel to your space.

Alongside an eye-catching aesthetic, energy efficiency is paramount, and there are countless reasons why making the decision to choose eco-friendly rooflights is a wise one.

Installing eco-friendly rooflights in your home offers a host of benefits. Let’s take a look at five of them.

Consume Less Energy

It has been proven that total energy usage in UK homes has increased by 25% since 1970.

It is crucial that property owners harness energy-saving methods to reduce consumption and lower this alarming figure. There are numerous methods that homeowners can adopt to reduce the amount of energy being consumed in their properties.

Installing eco-friendly home rooflights is one solution. Their triple glazing reduces energy wastage and consumption, making these rooflights a highly efficient and energy-saving lighting choice.

Save Money

The money-saving properties of eco-friendly rooflights make them an appealing choice.

Effectively reducing the need for artificial lighting by incorporating rooflights into your home maximises energy savings, ensuring your money stays in your pocket instead of being spent on energy bills.

Reduce Carbon Emissions

The Part L Building Regulations are a piece of legislation that focuses on saving energy and reducing power consumption in buildings. Carbon emission reductions are a critical factor in achieving this standard.

This legislation states that in order to achieve this standard, major savings must come from building services, including lighting.
Installing eco-friendly rooflights in your home assists in the reduction of carbon emissions, and therefore contributes to Part L Building Regulations compliance.

Maximise Natural Light

No one likes spending too much time in an environment which is artificially lit; natural sunlight is a brighter, far cleaner and more eco-friendly source of power.

Installing eco-friendly rooflights means you are not only saving money and reducing energy consumption but also flooding your home with an abundance of natural light.


Rooflights capture light regardless of the sun’s position, unlike windows or vertical glazing, and have the ability to fill large structures with natural light.

Maximising natural lighting creates a much more pleasant environment and is closely linked to health and other benefits: a sense of well-being has been proven to be related to exposure to natural daylight, as have increased productivity levels.

Low U Values

When investing in eco-friendly rooflights, a measure that should be taken into consideration is heat transference, which is a U value.

U values are indicators that show how much heat is lost from a building through windows, doors and floors.

Heat transference is indicated by a numerical value: the higher the value, the more heat is being lost and the less environmentally friendly that particular building is. A low value indicates more insulating factors and greater energy efficiency.

The entire rooflight range from EOS is energy-efficient and boasts U values as low as 0.97 W/m2k. Eco rooflights boast triple glazing and a Krypton gas injection, granting them an even lower U value of an impressive 0.65 W/m2K.

The eco rooflights’ U values are so low that official building standards allow them to make up an additional 10% of roof areas compared to other skylights, emphasising the calibre of their energy-efficient properties.

Find out more about why U values are important here.

Setting The Benchmark

Our innovative combination of triple glazing and Krypton gas injection sets the benchmark in energy efficiency and makes our eco rooflights leaders in energy-efficient design and finish.

Additional flexibility is unlocked with eco rooflights, as they are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 800×800 to 1000×2000, making them a versatile and fully bespoke option.

Become Energy Efficient Today

Looking to increase energy efficiency within your home? Contact EOS Rooflights today for more information on our eco-friendly rooflights range.

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Combining sleek design with enhanced performance.

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Cutting edge design with an integrated motor for a seamless finish.

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Top of the range ultra thermally efficient rooflight. 0.65 U Value 

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External Walk-On Glass Rooflights. Why compromise on design?

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An endless run of rooflights, either fixed or with opening units.

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Friendly, helpful and informative customer service. Good product and quick delivery.

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Beautifully designed, high spec, and look fantastic. Simple website and helpful service from guys at EOS. Prompt delivery. This is a quality product.

Posted 3 weeks ago


Morning big thanks to Chris and his team, very helpful their product is by far the best complete roof light system out there. I highly recommend this company will be using them again, ps also very easy to install Kind regards Lee

Posted 3 weeks ago


They were extremely efficient and most of all knowledgable about their products - they offered detailed information and were extremely patient with all my questions. They managed to ship the product very quickly and it arrived to us the same week. Very happy with EOS. The product itself is great!

Posted 3 weeks ago

Clifford Nicholson

Very efficient and easy to deal with.

Posted 3 weeks ago

Tim Lancaster

The roof light that I ordered arrived on time and appears to be very well made. The instructions were clear and my builder had no problems installing it, other than in getting it onto the roof as it is very heavy. The roof light looks good and I am glad that I was able to buy one with such a good U value as I wanted the light without the loss of heat.

Posted 4 weeks ago

Mark Harris

Great service, nothing is a hassle and super helpful

Posted 1 month ago

Carl Smith

Prompt delivery, excellent quality and easy to install, a great product.

Posted 1 month ago


EoS and their staff were very helpful in design and specification for a large skylight. They gave top quality support in the runnup to installation and were very accommodating in helping to source correct vehicle to crane in said (very heavy) skylight.

Posted 1 month ago


I'm delighted with my EOS roof lights. I had to choose roof lights that were slightly smaller than I wanted, due to design constraints, but the amount of light provided is wonderful and unexpected. The whole kitchen is lit up, even when the curtains are closed across our french doors. Many thanks EOS, A happy customers.

Posted 1 month ago

Timothy Rickford

Very happy with the service from EOS staff and quality of the product. Would definitely use again.

Posted 1 month ago


Great after sales support and service from knowledgeable staff. Also a really good quality product.

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Excellent service! The windows are gorgeous and their staff are always so available and happy to answer questions on short notice, and I had a lot!

Posted 1 month ago

Sarah Willett

Really helpful on specifying size and advice on installing.

Posted 1 month ago


Really nice company - fast, efficient and pleasant in all my dealings with them. There was a delivery error and they worked hard to find a solution as quickly as possible and did everything they said they would. Really impressed all round - when you are having an extension on your house, you end up dealing with lots of suppliers. I wish they were all as good as EOS.

Posted 1 month ago

Rebecca Phillips

Eos gave us a really good service, good communication throughout, most importantly the roof lights are amazing - really good quality and look great

Posted 1 month ago

Luke Carroll

Ease of installation and provided a huge amount of light to our extension. We chose the electric opening option which is fantastic for ventilation.

Posted 2 months ago

Rebecca Phillips

Very good service but most importantly excellent quality roof lights, very pleased thank you

Posted 2 months ago


They delivered what I wanted!

Posted 2 months ago


Good service and communication, competitive prices. Very helpful and understanding.

Posted 2 months ago

Colin Nelson

Great product, helpful customer service staff who answered any question I had.

Posted 2 months ago